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Finding the “A” players for your organization is our priority whether it is for Consulting or IT staffing opportunity. Our highly efficient interview and screening process enables us to place the most suitable candidates for the requirement.

Clients select us as their IT staffing and solutions provider because of our experience, stability, competence and focus on the IT market.

What we do. We deliver people, process, infrastructure and technology that companies need to effectively align IT with business objectives.

We are relationship driven. Netrum strives to develop sustainable relationship based on mutual trust, responsiveness and accountability. We remain nimble in our approach to customer service and management of our relationships. In fact, we believe that one of our greatest assets is our ability to "deliver big" and "act small."

Client service and integrity. We follow through with our commitments. From account management, recruitment and consultant development to back office processing, we are committed to achieving a high level of client satisfaction. To our clients’ delight we offer:

  • Local account management and recruiting resources in U.S. markets
  • A common delivery model for clients with distributed operations
  • Ability to scale our solutions from just-in-time recruitment of IT professionals to work on your site to accountability for turn-key completion of discreet projects
  • A robust recruitment "engine" that can attract the best IT talents
  • Delivery of talent across the entire spectrum of staffing and project requirements.




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